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Vitol Products, Russian Bear, Russian Extreme Hardcore Formula, 200 Tablets

$ 49.99

UPC Barcode: 079973000096

This LEGENDARY RUSSIAN POWERHOUSE formula senergizes adaptogens, metabolic intermediates, exogenous activators and energetic for an immediate kick in power and energy for competitive hardcore bodybuilders and strength athletes. Boosted with VITAMINS, MINERALS, ANTIOXIDANTS METHYL DONORS and KREBS CYCLE INTERMEDIATES as well as NATURAL TESTOSTERONE and LIBIDO BOOSTERS is the foundation for serious muscle enhancement.

Dr, Val Vasilef, researcher in Advanced Nutrition and Sport Science, winner of numerous physical fitness awards including MR. AMERICA and WORLD RECORD BREAKER for ONE-ARM CURL at 150 1/2 pounds was inspired by his Uncle John, the strongest man in Russia "The Original Russian Bear" to develop this synergistic system. Follow this well-guarded secret of USA and Russian Champions to gain quick results.

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