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Triple Leaf Tea Relaxing Herbal Tea 20 Tea Bag

$ 8.54

UPC Barcode: 023991000033

Chinese Medicinal Tea-Relaxing Herbal Tea by Triple Leaf Tea 20 Bag Triple Leaf Relaxing Tea is a highly potent blend of nervine herbs that helps promote healthy relaxation and restful sleep. This delicious caffeine-free herbal tea includes valerian passionflower skullcap chamomile and catnip powerful herbs with a long history of use to help promote calmness and help relax feelings of anxiety stress and tension. These soothing herbs help support the bodys natural ability to unwind relax and rejuvenate. A cup of this tea before bedtime helps promote a quick peaceful and restful sleep and waking up feeling relaxed refreshed and alert. A relaxed state and a good nights sleep help to brighten the mood and gain a new perspective on our daily lives. Besides contributing to a sense of well-being relaxation and peaceful sleep help maintain a healthy body and mind. This special blend of herbs makes an effective and delicious tea that you can enjoy everyday.

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