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Solgar, Ester-C Plus, Immune Complex, 90 Softgels

$ 26.84

You work hard. Your vitamin C should too.

Ester-C® is the ONLY vitamin C with 24-hour immune support.*

It’s also non-acidic and gentle on the stomach.

Ester-C® Plus Immune Complex gives you the ultimate combination of immune-supporting ingredients.*

Each serving contains a variety of science-backed ingredients.

Its unique softgel form offers quick absorption.

Ester-C® Plus Immune Complex supports upper respiratory health and gives you*:

• 1000 mg of clinically-studied Ester-C®
• Vitamins A‚ D3‚ and zinc for additional immune support*
• Elderberry‚ astragalus‚ and echinacea
• Magnesium & a range of B-vitamins

Vitamin C that supports you all day long‚ so that you can keep doing what you love.*

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