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Snake & The Dragon (Long Dan Xie Gan Wan), 200 ct, Plum Flower

$ 17.99

UPC Barcode: 739934838105

The Chinese believe that there should be a balance in the body between yin (internal fluids) and yang (fire of life). Yin and yang are equal and opposing forces that should be in harmony for optimal health. When either yin or yang becomes too dominant (or deficient), negative health can result.

Rather than treating specific illnesses or infections, traditional Chinese herbal theory focuses on creating harmony in all body regions, thereby strengthening the body to better withstand future illness. Long Dan Xie Gan Wan (The Snake and the Dragon) is one such example - a traditional herbal patent formula used to treat excess yang imbalance in the lower body.

Long Dan Xie Gan Wan, also known as "The Snake and The Dragon", has been widely used by the Chinese to drain fire and damp-heat from the liver and lower body.


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