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Ramakrishnananda's Gifts White Sage Smudge Stick Large

$ 9.74

UPC Barcode: 809581215120

Smudge sticks are cultivated by hand out of the coastal mountains of California and are carefully crafted and dried to shape this ancient structure. The herb is known for centuries to be used by shamans and Native Americans for cleansing. The White Sage Smudge is known for its richness and strong aromatic scent infused with natural qualities suitable for purification of body, mind and spirit. Among the many species of the Sage plant that grow in different parts of the world, the white sage and its brother plant, the High desert sage, are known for their spiritual benefits of cleansing negative energies which accumulated in the surroundings and the astral body. The sage is organically grown and hand crafted in the U.S

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