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Prince of Peace Korean Red Ginseng Capsules, 50 Count

$ 13.37

  • UPC: 039278880519

Prince of Peace Korean Red Ginseng. Description: Prince Gold. The King of Ginsengs prince of peace Korean Red Ginseng capsules are made of 100% pure Korean ginseng powder in preservative-free capsules that contain no additives, fillers, flavorings or colorings. Each bottle is nitrogen-packed and double safety-sealed for your protection. Throughout the ages, Korea Red Ginseng has been priced as one of the most valuable herbs on earth. Korean Red Ginseng has been consumed by millions of people all over the world. Prince Gold KRG Korean Red Ginseng roots are harvested from their natural environment in nutrient-rich soil in Korea. Each capsule contains 518 mg of pure Korean Reg Ginseng powder. Free Of Sugar, starch and preservatives.

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