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Triple Leaf Tea Green Tea 20 Tea Bag

$ 7.60

UPC Barcode: 023991000019

Green Tea-Premium by Triple Leaf Tea 20 Bag Legend in China says that tea was discovered accidentally by Shen Nong the Divine Cultivator around 3000 B.C. He is credited with inventing agriculture and Chinese herbology. One day leaves of the tea plant fell into water he was boiling outside his house. He liked the drink found it to be a healthful beverage and tea was born. Our green tea has a pleasing mild and aromatic flavor without the bitterness associated with some green teas whether steeped for a few minutes or longer. It is prepared from superior quality green tea leaves. The freshly picked leaves are gently heated then dried. This process destroys the enzymes that would deplete the nutrients and keeps the tea leaves green. Considerable research on green tea has shown it to be high in polyphenols a group of powerful antioxidants. Experts recommend drinking three or more cups of green tea a day. Gain all the benefits of green tea by drinking it everyday just as Asian people do.

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