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FaceDoctorX Anti-Mosquito Soap, 100 g (3.35 oz)

$ 8.99

UPC Barcode: 698608848553

The new way to stop mosquitoes from biting! Non-Toxic, No side effects, Contains 100% herbal extracts! The unique formula found in this soap was developed by Dr. Archibald of the Australian National Biological Laboratory. It contains 100% herbal extraction. Once you shower with this soap, it will repel mosquitoes from touching your skin. It will also relieve insect bites and itching if you did not use the soap offhand. Active Ingredients Function: Eucalyptus oil: Repel mosquitoes, relieve tired muscles. Citronella oil: mosquito repellent. Menthol: Insect and mosquito repellent, refreshes and revitalizes skin. Lavendula: Represses bacteria, diminishes inflammation. Calendula: Diminishes inflammation, relieves itching. Made in China.

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