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Plum Flower Cinnamon & Poria

$ 17.39

*All Teapills are cooked and extracted as a tea. *Sulfur free herbs are used. No preservatives, No Sugars, No Colors. *No pharmaceuticals. No heavy metals. *All are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) *Each bottle contain 200 teapills unless other wise noted. *Packed in plastic bottles with safety seal, child resistant cap, lot number and expiration date. The ancient Chinese masters devised their herbal recipes wisely. The fact that these formulas, many hundreds of years old, are still used in China and all over the world today are a testament to their strength. At Plum Flower they begin with their own carefully selected Plum Flower brand sulfur-free herbs. Then as prescribed by tradition the herbs are cooked together as a tea. This allows the herbs the complex interactions that make Plum Flower formulas so effective. In Chinese medical theory, the recipes for herbal decoctions require not only that the herbs be cooked together but often involve many reductions and the addition of herbs at different times as not all herbs release their medicinal properties under the same circumstances. For example, Ginseng needs a water-alcohol base preparation prior to the water decoction to release its full potential. The Peoples Republic of China has codified these ancient recipes in the PRC Pharmacoepia Formulas Manufacturing Guidelines, which the manufacturer follows in the production of Plum Flower products. By following these time-honored methods of preparation, they maximize the benefits of each ingredient while preserving the synergy of the resulting essence as they concentrate it into a pill. At Plum Flower they take great care in the handling of the formulas during processing. The formulas are water decocted at a low temperature never exceeding 100 degrees centigrade to extract and preserve all essential ingredients. All of the manufacturers are certified to have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.