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Chickweed Tea - Organic Herbs - 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags

$ 7.50

UPC Barcode: 819005010026

Chickweed can be found carpeting the ground in dense mats of leaves and flowers throughout Europe and North America. Known by various names, including starweed, winterweed or satinflower, chickweed's propensity for sprouting up in unwanted places has earned the small plant a reputation as a weed with most gardeners and landscapers. However, chickweed has been harvested for generations in many parts of the world as a valued food source. It is part of a traditional dish eaten during Japanese spring festivals, and its flowers, stems and leaves are used to create this herbal tea. Chickweed tea is actually a pleasant herbal tisane, with a gentle, smooth and somewhat fruity taste. Honey or sugar may be added as desired.

Buddha Teas offers chickweed tea that is made from fresh, organic, chickweed plants. All teas are packaged in unbleached tea bags that won't have harmful chemicals such as dioxin lingering on them. These tea bags are sealed in airtight bags that preserve the fresh taste and effectiveness that can be experienced in every cup of tea.

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