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Allergy ReLeaf System - 2 Bottles (Allertonic & Quercetin) Herbs Etc 60+60 Softgels

$ 48.27

UPC Barcode: 765704750056

Allergy ReLeaf System - 2 Bottles (Allertonic Quercetin) by Herbs Etc 60+60 Softgel Allergy ReLeaf System - 2 Bottles (Allertonic Quercetin) 60x2 Softgel Allergy ReLeaf System Advanced synergistic nutritional and herbal formulas deliver essential benefits and ongoing soothing comfort. Maintains a healthy allergen response in the respiratory and digestive system. Soothes temporary respiratory digestive and skin irritation from environmental dietary and seasonal challenges. Promotes healthy eye sinus throat lung adrenal skin and gastro-intestinal tissues. Stabilizes mast cells and calms their responses to airborne and food allergens. Each Allergy ReLeaf System contains Allertonic and Quercetin AllerReLeaf Ingredients Allertonic contains Fresh Stinging Nettle herb Licorice root Eyebright herb Horehound herb Osha root fresh Horsetail herb fresh Mullein leaf Elecampane root and fresh Plantain leaf. Quercetin AllerReLeaf contains 500 mg Quercetin 200 mg Vitamin C 100 mg Pantothenic acid.

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