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Yerba Prima Soluble Fiber Caps 180 Capsules

$ 10.33

UPC Barcode: 046352001869

Yerba Prima Soluble Fiber Caps 625 mg. is a simple, natural way to help promote heart health by supporting normal cholesterol levels. Yerba Prima Soluble Fiber Caps 625 mg. has been shown in numerous studies to help remove excess cholesterol from the intestinal tract. Yerba Prima Soluble Fiber Caps is a concentrated source of soluble fiber from multiple sources, including the two most proven sources of soluble fiber – psyllium husks and oat bran. In addition to its benefits for the heart, Yerba Prima Soluble Fiber Caps helps to support the population of friendly bacteria in the colon, softens the stools for easier elimination and supports production of protective short-chain fatty acids in the colon.

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