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Wisdom of the Ages Formula BAC+

$ 23.79

BAC stands for Blood Anti-Clot. The major herbs composing this tincture have been used in China for thousands of years to assist the body in the treatment of blood-related disorders without side-effects. They are used to help circulation, treat heart problems, reduce cholesterol in the arteries and alleviate varicose veins. This tincture acts as a tonic for both the liver and the heart, strengthening the heart without affecting the heart rate. BAC+ has been shown effective in helping many chronic disorders. For even further information on BAC+ check out the book, "Cardiovascular Health in a Bottle". This book will provide information on the many healing properties and effects of the Leading Chinese Herbal Formula, BAC+. The author, a Certified Nutritional Consultant tells the many uses of BAC+ and how it has helped others with their cardiovascular health. Comes in a 1oz or 2oz bottle.

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