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Traditional Pormulas Six Flavor Rehmanni (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) 200 PILLS

$ 6.00

UPC Barcode: 731531060033

Six Flavor Rehmanni (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan). Packing: 200 concentrated pills (160mg each). Manufactured by GMP certificated Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, China. Note: Six Flavor Rehmanni is a modern preparation of the ancient formula "Liu Wei Di Huang Wan" (Six Ingredient Pill with Rehmannia) originally appeared in Craft of Medicinal Treatment for Childhood Disease Patterns (Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue). This formula is a classical foundation of many modifications for nourishing the Kidney and Liver Yin, and invigorating the Qi. In modern clinic, it is commonly used for Retarded Growth of Children; Lumbago; Optic Neuritis; Central Retinitis; Pulmonary Tuberculosis; Diabetes; Hyperthyroidism; Addison's Disease; Hypertension; Neurasthenia; Functional Anovular Uterine Bleeding; Chronic Urinary Tract Infections; Deafness.

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