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Trace Minerals Research IOKI01 - Liquid Ionic Iodine From Potassium Iodide Supplement, 0.3 lb

$ 13.99

UPC Barcode: 878941003073

Trace mineral research ionic iodine is a rich, concentrated liquid dietary supplement that provides 225 mcg of iodine from potassium iodide per serving, plus over 72 ionic trace minerals from concentrace, america's no. 1 selling trace mineral supplement according to spins data. Iodine is an important mineral that is used in the body in several different ways. It may help support the following: healthy thyroid function, atp production, hormone production, central nervous system function, immune function, and skin health. Each bottle of trace mineral research ionic iodine comes with a metered dropper which allows for variable dosing. Health care providers recommend different doses, depending on your needs. The metered dropper allows for these recommendations to be followed, where a normal tablet or capsule does not.

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