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Teeccino Vanilla Nut Mediterranean Herbal Coffee -- 11 oz

$ 11.24

UPC Barcode: 795239800100

Herbal Coffee Vanilla Nut by Teeccino 11 oz Powder Vanilla Nut was my original inspiration for creating Teeccino. I wanted to feature Vanilla Beans from Mexico where Vanilla an orchid that grows in the rainforest was originally discovered by the native people centuries before the Spanish arrived. The Aztec Emperor Montezuma was said to be drinking an elixir for longevity made from cacao vanilla and honey when the conquistadors were ushered in for an audience. It is no surprise to me that Vanilla Nut is our best seller. Drink it knowing that you are helping indigenous communities find sustainable livelihoods that preserve rainforests. Ingredients Roasted carob barley chicory root figs almonds dates extract of Mexican vanilla nautral flavor.

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