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Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment Cream 0.75 oz

$ 12.99

UPC Barcode: 46985103008

Super Lysine Plus Cream by Quantum 0.75 oz Cream Super Lysine + Ointment Clinically proven to heal cold sores quickly naturally and painlessly Quantums leading all-natural cold sore treatment contains lysine and 14 other vitamins herbs and minerals. Apply directly to cold sores at the first sign of tingling. Doesnt burn goes on clear and provides immediate soothing relief. Americas 1 natural choice for the prevention relief and healing of cold sores. Can be used in conjunction with tablets tincture or capsules. Ingredients L-lysine Propolis Extract Calendula Flower Extract Echinacea Flower Extract Zinc Oxide Goldenseal Extract Vitamin A D E Cajeput Oil Tea Tree Oil Gum Benzoin Tincture Prepared in a Beeswax and Olive Base for maximum absorption.


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