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Power Thin Phase II Fast Weight Loss - 120 Caplets

$ 34.95

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Gold Star Nutrition - Power Thin Phase II - 120 Caplets Gold Star Power Thin Phase II is a Power Packed Fat Fighting Formula with Advantra Z and EGCG. Gain energy and increase your metabolism with Power Thin Phase 2. PowerThin Phase II reduces water retention.Most approaches to dieting, diet programs and weight loss attempts simply don't work. You know that the secret to losing weight is eating less and exercising more. It's an easy concept for your mind to grasp. Now tell that to your stomach when you sit down 3 times a day for meals or every time you walk through your kitchen or the grocery store. Power Thin SolutionPower Thin Phase II is a natural weight loss supplement scientifically formulated to increase calorie burning, mobilize stored body fat and help you have the energy you need to achieve the rapid weight loss you're looking for. With a combination of herbs and nutrients unequalled by other fat loss formulas, PowerThin Phase II begins working immediately by boosting energy and suppressing the appetite. The Key To Weight LossThe key to weight loss is burning more calories than you consume, and that is exactly what Gold Star's diet pill, PowerThin Phase II is designed to do. By combining the use of this product with regular exercise and a diet program that reduces fat and sugar intake while increasing the consumption of vegetables, lean meats, fiberous grains and water, you'll be well on your way to achieving your goal of a lean, sexy, fit body. PowerThin PhaseII Ingredients Advantra Z:(Citrus aurantium) Increases metabolism, stimulates thermogenesis, supports weight reduction, and provides energy. Advantra Z can also improve athletic performance. CAFFEINE: Appetite suppression and release of free fatty acids for use as energy. GREEN TEA LEAFEXTRACT: Provides antioxidants and EGCG shown to help maintain a higher metabolic rate while protecting the body from free radical damage.

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