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NOW Foods Acai Juice Superfruit Tonic, 32 fl oz

$ 17.99

UPC Barcode: 733739048059

Acai Concentrate by Now Foods 32 oz Liquid SuperFruit Antioxidant Juice Euterpe oleracea Fruit High in Anthocyanins With Pomegranate Blueberry Raspberry Vegetarian Product From Acai Palm Trees nestled deep within the lush Brazilian rainforests of the Amazon grows one of our planet's most remarkable and nutritious fruits. Acai berries (Euterpe oleracea) have remained highly esteemed throughout history by Brazilian natives based on their generous nutrient content pleasant taste and unmistakable ability to promote health and vitality. NOW Acai Juice has a refreshing berry taste offering 6 500 mg of Acai concentrate per 1 oz. serving. Antioxidant Protection Acai berries contain Vitamin C and are an excellent source of polyphenols including rutin anthocyanins and catechins. Acai is naturally rich in ellagic acid. These and other antioxidant compounds protect delicate tissues from free radical attack a key factor in healthy aging. Immunomodulatory Activity The nutrients and antioxidants in


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