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Natural Vitality Natural Calm Lemon 8 oz

$ 14.37

UPC Barcode: 183405000131

Natural Calm Lemon by Natural Vitality 8 oz Powder Natural Calm Lemon 8 oz Powder Product Millions have experienced the stress relief and health benefits Natural Calm The Anti-Stress Drink can provide. Its natures way of restoring balance so you can find your inner calm and enjoy an improved level of health. Magnesium is one of the most important basic nutrients that power our bodies and it is required for more than 700 biochemical reactions. But since our bodies dont produce this mineral we need to replenish its supply every day. Due to nutrient-deficient soil and fast-paced lifestyles few of us (estimated at less than one in five) get sufficient magnesium in our diets. This means supplementation is needed and Natural Calm is the best-selling award-winning ionic magnesium that mixes easily in water to restore healthy magnesium levels quickly and effectively. Gluten Free Vegan Non-GMO Suggested Use As a dietary supplement place powder in a glass or mug add 2-3 oz of hot water.

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