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Hubner Healthy Living - Iron Vital F Liquid Supplement Alchohol Free

$ 22.15

UPC Barcode: 623543740525

Unfailing energy and fitness - That's something we all want. One crucial factor: a sufficient iron intake! This mineral substance is essential for your organism as an energy boost. It is indispensable for the red blood cells to ensure an optimum oxygen supply to all body cells. And a strong immune system also needs iron. The problem: Especially in situations demanding increased iron availability, the supply of iron to the human organism is frequently insufficient. An iron deficiency is recognised as one of the most frequent nutritional disorders and a real "energy drain": The body cells lack oxygen, the immune system is compromised, physical and mental capacities deteriorate. Typical symptoms are listlessness, apathy, concentration problems, sleep disorders and a higher susceptibility to infections. With IronVITALĀ® you can correct an iron deficiency systematically and effectively. To the benefit of your energy and vitality!

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