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Herbs Etc - Deep Sleep Professional Strength Alcohol Free - 10 Softgels Contains California Poppy

$ 6.99

UPC Barcode: 765704503003

Herbs Etc - Deep Sleep Professional Strength Alcohol Free - 10 Fast-Acting Softgels Herbs Etc Deep Sleep is a professional strength herbal formula for exceptional health. Deep Sleep is a natural sleep aid that promotes restful, refreshing sleep. Deep Sleep is the #1 best selling sleep aid specific for the inability to fall asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, and waking up too early in the morning or experiencing unrefreshing sleep. Deep Sleep reduces sleep latency (amount of time required to fall asleep) and stops excessive mind chatter. Deep Sleep is also helpful for the inability to fall asleep from tiredness, waking up groggy or tired, as well as for fitful and/or agitated sleep. Deep Sleep re-educates the brain sleep center and creates positive sleep patterns. Deep Sleep is the only encapsulated natural sleep aid made from fresh, undried herbs. Deep Sleep is not habit forming, has no side effects and does not interfere with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Deep Sleep is relaxing, restful, and effective! Helps you fall asleep Helps you stay asleep Wake up feeling alert Great for travelers Deep Sleep Professional Strength Herbal Medicine is recommended for the following indications: Lack of sleep from being high strung; occasional difficulty falling asleep Sleeplessness from excessive mental stimulation Major difficulty falling asleep; sleep disturbance with heart palpitation, digestive problems & headaches Major difficulty staying asleep; long-standing sleep disturbances Multiple sleep disturbance symptoms Sleep AidsDeep, relaxing, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is critical for a healthy body and mind. It is during REM sleep that dreaming occurs. Unlike conventional sleep aids, these herbs are not habit forming, have no side effects and do not interfere with REM sleep. So you wake up feeling refreshed and alert, not lethargic, groggy or tired in the morning.

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