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Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System -- 120 Pills

$ 48.27

UPC Barcode: 765704750056

Allergy ReLeaf System™ is an innovative program developed by Medical Herbalist Daniel Gagnon, RH AHG. This program's advanced, synergistic nutritional and herbal formulas deliver essential benefits, on-going soothing comfort, and are designed to help you make every season a healthy season.-- Soothes temporary respiratory, digestive and skin irriation from environmental, dietary, and seasonal challenges-- Promotes healthy eye, sinus, throat, lung, adrenal, skin and gastrointestinal tissues-- Clears excessive moisture of eyes, sinuses and lungs without harsh stimulants-- Stabilizes mast cells and calms their response to airborne pollens-- Maintains a healthy allergen response by the respiratory and digestive systems-- Supports adrenal glands and sustains healthy energy levels during stressful times

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