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Genceutic Naturals Ultra Linoleic Safflower Oil, 224 Count

$ 30.00

UPC Barcode: 896245001267

Safflower oil comes from the seeds of the safflower plant, a member of the sunflower family. There are two very distinct types of safflower oil, each with very different uses. Monounsaturated safflower oil is used as a heat-stable cooking oil and does not contain the same beneficial nutritional profile as polyunsaturated safflower oil. Polyunsaturated safflower oil (as found in genceutic naturals soft gels) is high in linoleic acid and has been shown to have a great deal of nutritional value. High linoleic polyunsaturated safflower oil benefits due to recent and exciting research studies, scientists are exploring the many potential health benefits of high linoleic safflower oil. A recent university double blind cross-over study at Ohio state university compared high linoleic safflower oil to conjugated linoleic acid (cla). Results showed that it may help to reduce trunk adipose (belly fat), support insulin sensitivity, maintain healthy blood glucose and support a healthy response to inflammation. The findings also showed that safflower oil outperformed CLA in measurements of belly fat. Safflower oil has been shown to help reduce belly fat by up to 9.4%, or 6 times more than the leading omega oil, in only 16 weeks without diet or exercise. Adiponectin, the hormone that increases metabolism by telling the brain it is not hungry increased by 20 percent and safflower oil also significantly decreased fasting glucose. Expeller pressing is the extraction method of choice as it is a chemical-free process that extracts the oil. There is no external heat applied during the expeller pressing and is considered the premium method of safflower oil extraction. Due to recent and exciting research study, scientists are exploring the many potential health benefits of high linoleic safflower oil. This high linoleic safflower oil is an all-natural, non-GMO, expeller pressed oil without the use of any harsh solvents or additives.

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