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Foojoy Lichee Black Tea 100 Tea Bags - 7 Oz

$ 12.50

UPC Barcode: 083094001115

Lichee tea is natually scented by adding sweet lichee fruit to black tea leaves. After the fragrance of the lichee has fully permeated the tea leaves, the fruits are removed, leaving an aromatic tea perfect for any time of the day. China is the earliest tea producing country in the world and tea drinking has been an essential part of daily life and custom among Chinese for centuries. Years of refinement in tea cultivation and processing have made China teas appreciated all over the world. Among the numerous types of Chinese teas, FOOJOY selects only the finest quality teas and packs them near the tea gardens to assure freshness and full flavor. Naturally Scented with Lichee Fruit 100 Tea Bags

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