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Foojoy Chinese Jasmine Green Tea - 100 Tea Bags

$ 12.99

UPC Barcode: 083094001313

Foojoy Jasmine Green Tea Story: Summer evenings in Fujian are infused with the heady fragrance of blooming jasmine. These pure white blossoms thrive in summer's heat, and open only at night. To preserve their scent, the flowers are plucked during the day and then in the evenings, when the flowers gradually open, they are added to fine green leaves. This process is repeated so that the tea leaves may absorb the sweet natural bouquet that makes Foojoy Jasmine Green Tea the most popular scented tea in China.--------- Foojoy China Jasmine tea is one of China's best known teas. Jasmine tea is known to have been produced as early as the Sung Dynasty over 700 years ago. Just as the Jasmine flowers begin to bloom, they are added to fine green tea leaves. The scenting is done at night to capture the full sweet scent of the Jasmine. After the tea leaves have absorbed the fragrance, the flowers are removed and the scenting process is repeated to produce a tea that has a fresh and natural inviting natural fragrance of FooJoy Jasmine green tea is the result of skillful scenting, using only fresh jasmine blossoms, without adding any artificial flavors. With its delightful aroma and taste, it is the tea of choice to serve with meals or to enjoy by itself as a calming, soothing cup. FooJoy brings you authentic teas from renowned tea gardens. Each tea's distinctive character is produced by a unique combination of climate, altitudes, and soil conditions. Foojoy' tea tasters maintain a high standard in aroma and flavor by selecting teas from their original gardens and by carefully monitoring each season's teas. The FooJoy name is your assurance of freshness, unmatched quality and good value.

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