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Emuaid First Aid Ointment for irritated skin Max Strength 2 oz

$ 114.00

UPC Barcode: 760488365540

Fights infections faster while enhancing the skin's vital barrier and healing functions - Maximum relief from pain, infection and inflammation EMUAIDMAXTM provides rapid relief from difficult-to-treat, resistant skin conditions. Powered with the highest concentrations of potent natural healing ingredients and our unparalleled delivery system, EMUAIDMAXTM starts to repair, relieve and restore damaged skin immediately upon application. EMUAIDMAXTM works with the body's natural resources to reduce pain and inflammation. The unique combination of ingredients stimulates blood-flow to rapidly repair damaged, irritated skin conditions while simultaneously fighting bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Customers report noticeable relief and improvement within hours. Concentrated active ingredients work together to immediately eliminate pain and irritation while restoring skin health. EMUAIDMAXTM works faster and more intensively than regular-strength EMUAID® and delivers relief from the first use.

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