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Ear Ease Pain Reliever

$ 39.99

UPC Barcode: 031072501010

The Ear Ease was invented by a medical doctor who experienced acute ear pain from pressure changes during flight. He found that applying concentrated heat around the ear could provide a release of the pressure. At his family medical clinic he also learned that this simple application of heat with the Ear Ease helped his patients, often in minutes, who presented with all kinds of ear pain. The Ear Ease is simple to use. 1. Remove the cap and fill with hot water to the top of the pin. 2. Securely replace the cap, pushing down on both ends of the cap with your thumbs. 3. Hold the Ear Ease over the painful area. Repeat as needed Caution: Always test the temperature on yourself before placing on someone else. For persistent or serious pain consult a physician.

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