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Dr Tungs Smart Floss, Dental Floss 30yards ( Value Bulk Multi-pack)

$ 21.00

UPC Barcode: 019373711215
  • Natural cardamom flavor for a vibrant fresh feeling!
  • Lightly waxed with a natural blend of vegetable and bees wax (no petrochemical wax)
  • BIODEGRADABLE container, made with EcoPure, will biodegrade in a landfill in 3-5 years (unlike regular plastic which can take up to 100 years)
  • MULTI VALUE PACK! You are buying 1 pack. Each pack contains 6 units. You will receive a TOTAL PACKAGE QUANTITY of 6 combined units of Dr. Tung's Smart Floss, Dental Floss 30yards
  • This revolutionary floss is also gentler on gums because it is cushion-soft and can stretch. Unlike those other flosses with no spring that can often hurt gums...and fingers!

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