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Deprezac 1oz by Herbs Etc.

$ 12.73

UPC: 765704110515

Deprezac™ Specific for mild to moderate depression. Helps maintain a positive mental outlook. Possesses relaxing, calming and uplifting properties. Enhances positive mental feelings for mild anxiety, tension, fatigue, irritability, sleep problems, agitation, loss of appetite, loss of interest and excessive sleeping. Supportive for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Ingredients: Fresh and dry St. John's Wort herb in bud stage, fresh Lemon Balm herb, Cola nut, fresh Oat seed in milky stage, fresh Peppermint herb, fresh Valerian root, Siberian Eleuthero root, fresh Rosemary leaf, Damiana leaf and Stevia herb.

Suggested Use: Take 30 drops in water three times a day for three weeks, then 30 drops in water twice a day for at least six months.

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