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Century Systems - Miracle 2000 Total Body Nutrition - 32 oz.

$ 33.95

UPC Barcode: 053326020009

Century Systems - Miracle 2000 Total Body Nutrition - 32 oz. Century systems miracle 2000 is a liquid vitamin that provides all essential vitamins and all 72 trace minerals plus aloe. Miracle 2000 is the nutritional supplement of choice for today's active lifestyle. In a pleasant tasting, easy to swallow and absorbable liquid, Miracle 2000 provides over 120 major and trace nutrients. One capful per day contains every vitamin and mineral found in the human body and provides adults with complete nutrition for optimum health, performance and energy. Each bottle lasts 32 days Miracle 2000 liquid nutrients are absorbed faster and assimilated more completely. One Capful = One Ounce = One Day's Supply The All-In-One Total Nutrition Blend! Nothing else is as complete as Miracle 2000 27 Vitamins & Minerals - 72 Ionic Trace Minerals 18 Herbs plus Aloe - 8 Amino Acids Blue Green Algae - Antioxidants In a Great Tasting Synergistical Blend Great Taste Quick, Easy and Complete Nutrition Better Health and Energy


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