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Cellfood 100% RDA Formula Multivitamin Spray, 1 fl oz

$ 24.95

UPC Barcode: 679909000062

Cellfood MultiVitamin Formula solves the universal problem of poor vitamin absorption and assimilation with 100% RDA of 12 critical vitamins plus Cellfood in a laser-enhanced oral spray. Cellfood MultiVitamin 100% RDA Formula is provided in a very convenient— and highly biologically active— oral spray form. By providing the vitamin nutrients in this form, we've been able to increase absorption into the bloodstream significantly. Instead of less than 20% delivery to the blood stream with pills— and other conventional non-liquid delivery— an oral spray may effectively deliver 90% or more to the cells. Finally, Cellfood MultiVitamin 100% RDA Formula contains the original Cellfood formula— with 78 trace minerals & elements, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids and electrolytes. The presence of even a small amount of Cellfood creates a remarkable delivery system which makes MultiVitamin Formula's rich nutritional components highly bioavailable to each cell.


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