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C C Pollen High Desert Bee Pollen Granules Bag -- 1 lb

$ 22.55

  • UPC: 030399000169

The substances from the beehive have held a revered place throughout history among the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, the Middle East, Native America and the Slavic people. Beehive substances have been mentioned in virtually every religious text ever written, including the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and the scrolls of the Orient. Bee pollen has a broad spectrum of vegetable based nutrients and is one of the most complex and biodiverse substances found in nature. HOW IS HIGH DESERT BEE POLLEN UNIQUE?HIGH DESERT Bee Pollen is 100% American Bee PollenMost Bee Pollen on the market is imported.HIGH DESERT Bee Pollen is fresh produce, and handling is critical for this living product.HIGH DESERT Bee Pollen is stored in freezers to preserve its natural qualities. Compare the soft granules of HIGH DESERT bee Pollen other dried, rock-hard consistency of other brands of Bee Pollen. HIGH DESERT Bee Pollen comes primarily from the wide open landscape of the American West.