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Brightcore Nutrition Sweet Wheat, 180 Capsules

$ 32.50

UPC Barcode: 689076484497

Brightcore Nutrition Sweet Wheat Capsules ---- Why Wheat Grass Juice? Popularly known as a superfood, wheat grass juice is made from the young grass stage of the wheat plant. It is extremely high in life-giving nutrients, very alkalizing and provides an amazing balance of all the nutrients that are essential to good health. Wheat grass juice is suitable for everyone. Even people who suffer from allergies to wheat can consume the juice, as the wheat grass does not contain any gluten at this young grass stage. ---- Why Sweet Wheat? Sweet Wheat is different from other wheat grass products because we do not use high temperatures to dry the grass blades. Additionally we do not grind the grass blades into wheat grass powder as the blades include cellulose fiber which is hard to digest. Products that are dried at high temperatures and use the entire blade in production result in a greatly decreased nutritional value as heat destroys sensitive nutrients and your digestive system has to work harder in order to break down the cellulose. Sweet Wheat is made by juicing the grass and immediately freeze drying the juice at extremely low temperatures. Due to this process, it is very potent and retains almost 100% of its nutritional value.


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