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Botanic Choice Thyroid Complex 30 Capsules

$ 6.50

UPC Barcode: 703308810356

Your thyroid could be the reason for stubborn fat, fatigue, cold hands and feet Surprising news now reveals that MSG and bad fatty acids, so common in our diet, can wreak havoc on your thyroid and ultimately your total health. Could this be why you're not feeling up to par? ...Why you're hot/cold?...Why you're struggling with those extra pounds? Small gland, big job Although the thyroid weighs only about one ounce, it's got a big job, affecting just about every cell in your body, from your hair follicles to your toenails and everything in between. Just take a look at all the functions your thyroid affects: •Weight gain/loss •Vision •Mental alertness •Mood, emotional balance, sleep •Hair and skin health •Energy and muscle strength •Temperature regulation •Heart rate and cholesterol levels •Digestion •Menstrual regularity •Respiratory •Metabolic rate •Hormones If you're hot/cold, struggling with weight, or frequently tired As mentioned above, your thyroid is responsible for your internal "thermostat" that regulates your body's temperature. A healthy thyroid also helps ensure optimum metabolism for your BMR (basal metabolic rate) - the rate at which you burn calories, plus it keeps you energized during the day.

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