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Botanic Choice #739 Colon Cleanse Formula, 500 mg., 90 Capsules

$ 4.17

UPC Barcode: 703308030297

Botanic Choice's #739 Colon Cleanse Formula can do wonders for your health because it flushes away years of mucous, sludge, toxins and decaying matter building up in your colon. It cleans out your intestinal tract and colon for good, supplies you vital nutritional support that can eliminate health problems caused by this toxic build-up. Colon Cleanse can relieve occasional constipation, bloating and gas. Within hours #739 Colon Cleanse Formula begins to safely and gently cleanse, refresh and remove toxins. The natural trio of ingredients have been proven in traditional medicine and by medical science. Contains 1500 mg psyllium husk, 42 mg slippery elm, and 60 mg gentian root. Each of these three internal cleansers are effective on their own, but when they're combined as they are in this potent formula, they work like magic!

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