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Allertonic 1oz

$ 14.43

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Allertonic by Herbs Etc 1 oz Liquid Allertonic Allertonic Enhances healthy inflammatory responses of the respiratory and gastro-intestinal tracts. Stabilizes mast cell walls and fixed antibodies found in the eyes and respiratory system keeping the tissues calm. Normalizes secretion of the respiratory system liquefies mucus stimulates its removal from the lungs and keeps pulmonary tissues hydrated. Ingredients Fresh Stinging Nettle herb Licorice root Eyebright herb Horehound herb Osha root fresh Horsetail herb fresh Mullein leaf Elecampane root and fresh Plantain leaf. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Acute Take one softgel or 40 drops with water every two to three hours until comfort is achieved or as directed by your health care professional. Noticeable comfort is attained within the first or second day. Switch to Ongoing use. Ongoing Take one softgel or 40 drops with water three times a day.

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